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Check to see if your running the latest version of java

Troubleshooting Tips

Problems Using Chrome (PC)

Problem 1
In Chrome, nothing appears on bottom of screen when attempting to upload.
Solution 1
Look for jigsaw puzzle icon on top right of page. This means a plugin is being blocked. Click on it to allow Java and Uploader to run. This will enable the uploader.
Problem 2
In Chrome, the uploader area is blank with no response. After 10-15 seconds, message pops up (behind the browser?) saying there is a problem with the page and should it wait for it or kill the page.
Solution 2
Select Wait for page and the page will load properly right after that. This is not normal so contact us if you experience this.

Problems Using Safari or other (Mac)

Problem 1
In Chrome, a message displays saying that a Java plugin is needed. Install Plugin appears at top of page. When clicked, the Java site loads and says that Chrome cannot run Java on Mac.
Solution 1
Switch to Safari or Firefox.
Problem 2
In Chrome, blank screen is visible in place 0f uploader.
Solution 2
Switch to Safari or Firefox.
Problem 3
Latest Java is installed but uploader is not working.
Solution 3
Clear the Java cache by going to SYSTEM PREFERENCES (click apple at top left of screen) then select JAVA. Click on SETTINGS under temporary JAVA files. Click on the Delete Files button. In the next window, click OK to confirm delete.

Additional Solutions for Macs

Does computer have Java installed?
Java is already installed by default on OS Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard. OS Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite need manual installation of Java.

Verify Java is installed

Verify Java is installed by going clicking here.

If the browser has Java disabled, you will need to follow these steps to enable it.
1. If you see “Java blocked for this website”, click on it, then hit “Trust”.
2. When you see “Do you want to run this application?” Hit RUN.
3. Java Verifier will run and display current version or older version.

Manual way of checking JAVA version:
Go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES (click apple at top left) then select JAVA (towards the bottom)
View current version in JAVA Control Panel under GENERAL tab -> ABOUT
View currently enabled Java applications in View under Temp Internet files.
SETTINGS also shows where the temp JAVA files are stored.
Also, in the JAVA Control Panel, you can use the SECURITY tab to control the level of security.

Enable JAVA by Changing Safari’s Security Settings
Open Safari and go to fotoexchange upload page. Then go to Preferences, then Security and then Manage Website Settings.
Click on JAVA…. Add and allow to run in Unsafe mode… (to allow the uploader to access the files from the computer).

To update to the latest JAVA on a MAC:
1. Uninstall JAVA by going to a Finder window. Click on APPLICATIONS from shortcuts on the left. Type JAVA APPLET PLUGIN in the search bar at the top right of the finder window. When you find the file, drag it to the trash. This will uninstall JAVA.

Now install JAVA by going to or clicking here.

If Java is properly installed but the downloader/uploader is not working, you can test it here. Make sure to allow popups for Java and Uploader.